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Unknown substance found in 40 barrels in SE OKC. What could go wrong?

4:02 PM EST on March 7, 2019

Hypothetical question: what would you do if you found 40 barrels of an unknown substance at an illegal dump site? Unless you’re an investigator for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, I would advise you to run.


Environmental authorities are investigating after deputies discovered an illegal dump site in Oklahoma County.

On Thursday morning, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies were looking into illegal dump sites when they found a site near S.E. 22nd and Eastern in Oklahoma City.

Authorities tell News 4 that about 40 barrels were found on the site, containing some sort of unknown substance.

Officials say they were concerned that the substance might be leaking from the barrels into a nearby body of water.

I would suggest residents in east OKC boil their water, but that may cause some chemical reaction.

Anyway, the idea of 40 random barrels at an illegal dump site is horrifying. They are eerily similar to the barrels Gus Fring from Breaking Bad used when he was getting rid of the bodies of snitches, or the barrel of acid that Judge Doom used to kill the toons in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Lets just face facts – anonymous barrels in the middle of nowhere with an unknown substance had no positive outcome. Researchers aren’t going to test the substance in the barrel and say, “Hot damn, we developed the cure to cancer!” Sure, you’d hope the essence of immortality would be in the barrels. I think the likelihood of that is about the same as being bitten by a spider and not turning into Spider-Man.

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