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Melania Trump is coming to Tulsa today…

In case you missed it, the First Lady will be visiting Oklahoma's "Second City" today to promote "Be Best" – the educational initiative that teaches children to stay awake during grammar lessons.

Here are the details via The Tulsa World:

First lady Melania Trump will visit an elementary school in Tulsa on Monday, according to a White House news release.

The stop in Tulsa is expected to be at “an award-winning elementary school that focuses on incorporating character education throughout its curriculum” as part of a trip promoting Trump’s initiative “Be Best,” the release said.

Sure, Oklahoma's more known for its "award-winning" seafood than its "award-winning" schools, but whatever, we'll take all the good press we can get.

In fact, I wonder which "award-winning" school she'll be visiting? I'll place my bets on Epic Charter School. That seems like the type of place a Trump would want to do business with.

The initiative includes the well-being of children, online safety and opioid abuse, according to the release.

Whether it is social media and technology or drug and alcohol abuse, children in our country and around the world are faced with many challenges,” Trump said in a news release. “Through Be Best I will continue to shine a spotlight on the well-being programs that provide children the tools and skills required for emotional, social and physical well-being and promote successful organizations, programs, and people who are helping children overcome some of the issues they face while growing up in the modern world.”

Melania Trump is either a) the world's most successful spy or b) an innocent mail-order model who's riding the coattails of the world's greatest con man. Either way, I hope she enjoys her visit to Tulsa and has time to grab a Queenie's egg salad sandwich while she's there.

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