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What’s going on with Channel 25’s Living Oklahoma???

Last week, we alerted the The Lost Ogle viewing audience to some funny clips of an obviously out-of-it Meg Alexander slurring and stumbling her way through interview segments on the Fox 25 pay-to-play morning show Living Oklahoma.

Minutes after our post went live, Fox 25 quickly removed the videos from their website, but not before we were able to capture and put them on YouTube.

Check them out:


The following day, Meg Alexander was noticeably absent from the show. Also, the following job listing was brought to our attention by Steve Lackemeyer's twitter BFF – Judge Radar:

Well, I guess it's safe to assume that Meg is no longer with Channel 25 and they're looking for her replacement. You can't show up to work in that condition and expect to keep your job, right?

Well, maybe you can.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, Meg was placed on leave by the channel, which I guess would explain why her bio is still live and online.

However, her co-host on the show – cruise ship comedian turned morning show host Mitch English –apparently got the axe. Check out this email that KOKH Fox 25 General Manager Bill Lanesey sent to staff yesterday morning:

That's weird. Your co-host shows up to work like she spent the night dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly, and you're the one who gets canned a couple of days later? Did Mitch put vodka in Meg's Valentine's flowers or something?

Right now, I don't think anyone knows for sure. The Ogle Mole Network is a bit baffled by the developments, and the only clue Mitch has given is this weird Instagram photo from last night:

Chickens don't have sweat glands? Yeah, I have no clue either.

With Mitch looking for a new job and Meg on leave, hosting duties for Living Oklahoma have now fallen on meteorologist Marcy Novak and OKC Thunder arena emcee Malcolm Tubbs. They're doing a nice, sober job at sticking to the script and promoting the services of Living Oklahoma's paid news clients:

Anyway, we'd like to wish Mitch and Meg the best of luck getting their lives back in order. If there are any updates to this story, we'll post them below. Or maybe we won't. I feel like we've spent more time writing about the show than people actually spend watching the show.

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