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Kevin Stitt sends first mass email to state employees…

It looks like Kevin Stitt is taking this "Run Oklahoma like a Business" thing seriously!

Earlier this morning, he did what countless of new CEOs and executives have done before him and sent a long, carefully worded, motivational mass email that probably won't be read by his new employees.

The subject of the email was "Oklahoma Turnaround." For the most part, it was your standard introductory corporate communications piece. It rehashed his goals as Governor, attempted to motivate and prepare employees for change, and used a wide variety words and phrases that are commonly found on corporate bullshit bingo cards.

Here it is in its entirety:

Dear Public Servants of the State,

It is a privilege and an honor to be able to lead the State of Oklahoma and work with you to make our great state Top Ten in the nation.

I see tremendous potential in this opportunity to move forward together. Your commitment to the state will be key to unlocking a brighter future for all citizens who depend on us to deliver services effectively and efficiently.

I was elected on a mandate to lead in such a way that you are empowered to do your job with excellence. This will require us to bring state government into the 21st century, from our digital resources to how our agency leadership is structured.

This process will take time, and I am committed to seeing it through and to pursuing changes with your feedback and input because I believe the best solutions come from the combined wisdom and experience of a team.

Okay, so far it's a little cliché and boring, but it sure beats Mary Fallin's first email to employees. I think that one was written in all caps and asked everyone to forward it to 25 friends so Bill Gates would give her a $25 Old Navy gift card.

Here's more:

Together, we are going to assess our common problems. We are going to be data centered in our decisions. Every day, we are going to remember the Oklahoma citizen who is impacted by our decisions, putting the people of Oklahoma at the top of our organizational chart. We are going to create desired goals and together we will pursue measurable results. We will not finger point to the past. Instead, we will learn from it and set our sights and hopes on what can be accomplished today and for the betterment of our future.

In closing, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you soon. I have started visiting state agency offices, and I am committed to getting to every agency this year to shake your hand and learn your story.

No matter your background, no matter your political standing, it comes down to this truth and this shared pride - we are all Oklahomans. Let’s get this done together. Oklahoma’s Turnaround starts now!

-Governor Kevin Stitt

Before I became a full-time independent media mogul, I toiled for a decade in the corporate communications field. I've ghostwritten scores of similar communications pieces from executives and employees to shareholders and customers. I'd give this effort from Stitt a solid B. Sure, it's written in boring corporate speak and style, but A) that's the safe approach and B) it doesn't use the word "synergy." Kudos to Stitt for avoiding that one.

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