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KFOR names Mason Dunn as new chopper pilot!

A familiar voice is returning to the Oklahoma storm chasing scene!

Earlier today, KFOR Channel 4 announced that Mason Dunn – Gary England's old chopper pilot at Channel 9 – will be the new pilot of Not Bob Moore Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4.

Mason will be replacing Jon Welsh, who replaced Jim Gardner in 2012, when Jim replaced Mason at Channel 9. Got all that?

Here's a special welcome video that KFOR threw together:

This is interesting news.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, Mason was fired from News 9 in 2011 because he refused to follow management orders and break FAA regulations that prohibit pilots from flying a certain amount of consecutive hours. Or he was the person caught eating Dean Blevins' SmartOnes. I honestly can't remember which one.

Either way, I bring this up because it's a well-known fact that Mike and Marla Morgan are very hard on their chopper pilots. Not only do the pilots have to follow storms and document police chases, but they also have to conduct dangerous test flights of Mike Morgan's highly secretive and controversial weather machines. According to sources, Jon Welsh never fully recovered after taking the Mighty Marlanator 5000 – a bedazzled red supersonic weather balloon that can see into the future – out for a test flight in Pottawatamie County in 2016. When he returned to the office, he just huddled in a corner by the Social Media Bandits and muttered "Fidelio... Fidelio."

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