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OKC Streetcar involved in first of many accidents…

Back in June, we asked a very important question – Are OKC drivers too dumb for the new streetcar?

The answer is "apparently so."

Last night, the OKC Streetcar reached a significant milestone when it was involved in its first traffic accident near the Midtown roundabout at 10th and Walker – the extremely simple and easy to navigate traffic circle that challenges most Oklahoma City motorists.


Oklahoma City officials are reporting the first case of a collision involving the city’s new streetcars Tuesday.

About 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, a streetcar was running its route near NW 10 and Walker Avenue when it was struck by a vehicle. Embark spokesman Michael Scroggins said the vehicle that struck the streetcar fled the scene.

That sucks. I was kind of hoping it would have involved an asshat on a scooter. That would have made an even better headline!

I actually drove by the scene last night as I was heading to Fassler Hall for our Team Trivia Night. There were a couple of cops and some city maintenance vehicles looking over things. I also saw a frantic Steve Lackmeyer briskly walking down 10th towards St. Anthony Hospital, holding a bloodied white towel to his nose, screaming "Never again, Streetcar! Never again!"

Oklahoma City police responded to the scene to investigate the collision. Seven passengers were on the streetcar at the time. No injuries were reported in the collision, Scroggins said.

Scroggins said damage included scuff marks and a broken indicator light.

Seven passengers? Scuff marks and a broken indicator light? The new streetcar will really fit-in with all the other cars on Oklahoma roads!

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