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Local hawk kicked out of Ponca City grocery store beer aisle…

1:46 PM EST on December 19, 2018

With the new alcohol laws allowing us to pick up the malty, hoppy goodness of high point beer at the same places we buy those pink coconut Sno-Balls, shady tabloid magazines, and whatever real adults get from grocery stores, it seems like everyone in Oklahoma is suddenly identifying as a craft beer connoisseur. Unfortunately, it seems that this cultural shift has led to some unlikely owl-coholics.


PONCA CITY, Okla. – Ice cold … hawk?

A hawk caught hanging out in the beer section of an Oklahoma grocery store is back in the wild thanks to the help of two game wardens.

Last week, Game Warden Spencer Grace of Kay County responded to an injured hawk complaint inside Food Pyramid in Ponca City.

When Grace arrived, the bird was found hanging out in the beer section and was not injured.

“Ice cold… hawk?” What the hell kind of pun is that? Come on, KFOR, you are professionals. Why not say the bird stopped in for a “flight” of beer or that he wanted to buy a 6 pack of “Doppel-hawk.” Even the comments section on the original Facebook post had better humor. But there’s more to this story than terrible puns…

Grace chased the hawk through the store for a few minutes before Game Warden Larry Green, Osage County, arrived to help.

Using two dip nets, the wardens were able to the corner the bird in the seafood section, and that’s when Green caught the bird in flight.

It had a few minor scratches, and probably hurt pride, but was OK.

The bird was transported outside city limits to be released.

You mean the game warden had to request reinforcements to escort the bird out of the grocery store? That must have been a hawk-ward conversation to have with a supervisor! Now it is unclear if the hawk ended up getting his case of Goose Island or even a single Indian Pale Eag-ale. But what is clear is that Wardens Grace and Green are doing their part to make sure this hawk doesn’t drink and fly. Irresponsible drinking is a bird-en on society as it is.

Hayley is a bird-en on her family. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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