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Mike Morgan told us to do stuff today on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, Lucas caused a local ruckus when he almost too accurately described the Five Stages of Oklahoma Winter Weather Panic that accompany our often underwhelming, and usually overhyped, winter weather events.

To accompany the article, we used some recent tweets from Marla Morgan's husband – local weather hype man Mike Morgan – as examples of the various stages. He seemed like a good choice. He was one of the first local weather prognosticators who kicked Stage 1 of this current Winter Weather Panic into effect on Monday night. It caught my attention at the time.

Mike responded to my tweet like a desperate bride in search of a wedding DJ. He invited me to call into the Kliff Davis Radio Show. Seriously....

I'm not sure exactly what world Mike and Marla operate in, but I'm glad to know Kliff Davis is in it. I heard his nickname is "The Caboose." Mine is Mighty Casey. Also, can Kliff let us know where he bought his jacket? That's one metro business we should know about.

Mike continued to push the dire winter storm predictions through Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, while old and weak scavengers were fighting over the remaining loaves of bread at your neighborhood Crest, Mike threw us a curveball and tagged us in this tweet:

My reply was pretty simple:

Mike then rudely, and rather callously, made fun of the medical marijuana I use to treat conditions like "stress," "anxiety" and "insomnia."

In all fairness, he could have been referring to a bag of Lay's. I guess he didn't know they were sold out throughout the metro thanks to his previous weather forecasts.

Anyway, Mike then made it his personal mission to let everyone on social media know it was okay to drive around this afternoon, and that he told everyone this on Wednesday:

After the tweets, he changed course and told Oklahomans they could keep their plans through Friday night!

Later on, he expanded it to 11pm!

Awesome! I guess that means it's okay for everyone to come out to Buffalo Wild Wings for TLO Trivia tonight. It starts at 9pm.

Anyway, we'd like to thank Mike for correcting the initial weather forecast that he and almost everyone else in the local media got way wrong, and giving everyone in town permission to keep the plans they had already cancelled. Now if only he can tell me what to do with all the extra bread and milk I have at my house, or send us more pics of Marla, he'll win our forgiveness.

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