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Enid TV star “Dr. Fear” made death threats against Halloween parade rival

9:27 AM EST on November 28, 2018

From our rich western heritage and red dirt, to our 1955-era legislative branch and famous rattle snake and noodling festivals, there are plenty of attributes Oklahoma has that make it unique. But nothing contributes to the distinction more than the Oklahomans themselves. Which is why KFOR has had plenty of material for their “Is This a Great State or What?” segment.

But a man once featured on KFOR for his weekly basic access cable television series that consisted of adults in 18th century garb, badass special effects (for 1997), and a surprising amount of cleavage and dismembered body parts, is now featured on the same news network for an unsurprising reason.


A former teacher and local-access cable personality was carted off to jail for allegedly threatening to have a city commissioner and her friend killed and their body parts scattered in a Kansas river.

Brian Nester Young, also known as "Dr. Fear," was featured on News 4's "Great State" back in 2007. The story chronicled his horror T.V. show.

Young and city commissioner Tammy Wilson worked together on the town's Halloween parade for years, but Wilson says they didn't always agree.

"I think that he’s upset that he hasn’t received some kind of credit he thought he should get," said Wilson, who told News 4 the problem got worse after she was elected as a city commissioner. She says Young harassed her online and she eventually had to block him on Social Media.

So you’re telling me that Brian Nester Young, a man who looks like a cross between the Simpson’s comic book guy and the physical embodiment of a Gaelic rap song, and who made a name for himself by dressing up for Halloween every week and playing with realistic dismembered body part props on basic cable, allegedly threatened to murder and dismember a rival Halloween parade planner? When Joe Exotic gets out of jail, he and Dr. Fear should open up a tiger-themed haunted house!

Wilson says this went on for years, and recently his wife reached out to her online after filing a protective order against him…

According to court documents, Young told his wife that he met a guy at a local bar that would take care of Wilson and her friend and dispose of their body parts in a Kansas City river.

Young was arrested for the threats, but posted his bond of $50,000 and says it was all just talk.

Wilson says regardless, it's disturbing.

“Even if it’s just a fantasy, it’s a pretty sick fantasy," she said.

I guess that's correct. Even if it is just a fantasy, threatening to murder and dismember someone is a sick fantasy. Those are words to live by.

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