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Kevin Stitt’s choice for “Secretary of State” claimed education funding cuts were “fake news”

3:50 PM EST on November 27, 2018

Kevin Stitt – the "Outsider Businessman" turned governor-elect who said he would have vetoed the teacher pay raise plan – has selected former Oklahoma lawmaker Michael Rogers to be his Secretary of State.

Rogers – the former chair of the House Committee on Education – made the news back in 2017 when he sent an email to Republicans claiming the massive funding cuts to Oklahoma education were "fake news."

The Oklahoman's article about Rogers, and Stitt's other appointees, conveniently omits that little nugget.


A former U.S. Senate staffer and former state representative will fill two of the top positions in Gov.-elect Kevin Stitt's new administration, surrounding a first-time governor with a combination of federal, state and even municipal political experience.Michael Junk, Tulsa's deputy mayor and a former staffer for U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe and former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, will serve as chief of staff for Stitt, who officially takes office in January.Former state Rep. Michael Rogers, a Broken Arrow Republican who was chair of the House education committee, will serve as Stitt's secretary of state.

Well look at that! Not only do we get a failed lawmaker who lives in an alternate reality where four-day school weeks never happened to serve as Secretary of State, but we also get a Jim Inhofe cronie to serve as chief of staff! Congrats, Oil Overlords! I bet they release a flock of doves at Stitt's inauguration and then promptly shoot them all with deadly snowballs.

Here's more about Rogers:

Rogers, 39, was first elected to the state House in 2014 and served as chairman of the House committee on education.“I think more than anything (my job) is to just build and maintain a quality relationship between the governor's office and the Legislature,” said Rogers, who did not seek re-election this year.Rogers' appointment will require Senate confirmation, but Sen. President Pro Tem-elect Greg Treat praised his nomination as secretary of state.“Michael Rogers is an intelligent and innovative leader and his experience in the Legislature will be an asset to Governor-elect Stitt and his entire team,” Treat, an Oklahoma City Republican, said in a statement.“I look forward to working with Michael on common-sense, conservative ideas to help make Oklahoma a Top 10 state.”

Rogers – a quitter – stepped down from the legislature back in March right before the teacher's strike. His excuse at the time was that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and watch his children play sports. It's funny how a cushy $140K per year government job can make you reevaluate life's priorities.

According to Ogle Moles, Stitt hired Rogers for a couple of reasons.

1. He needed someone with inside knowledge of the dysfunctional Oklahoma legislature to work in his cabinet.

2. Rogers is an amazing ass-kisser! In October, he penned an endorsement for Stitt in the Tulsa World. Check out this amazing gem:

When Stitt says he wants Oklahoma to be a Top 10 state in education, he means it. Not only does he expect it to happen, but he has released a plan to achieve it. Stitt’s plan to recruit quality teachers, reduce class size by continuing to invest in education and deliver transparency and accountability is not just words, but an actual measurable plan. Stitt crafted this plan by listening to teachers, superintendents, parents and policy leaders across the state, and I am confident he will continue this collaborative effort as governor.

Yeah, there's no better way to collaborate with Oklahoma teachers than by appointing a former lawmaker who deemed education funding cuts to be "fake news" to help lead your administration. I'm sure that will work great.

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