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“Outsider” Kevin Stitt begins process of hiring “Insider” cabinet

In last week's election recap, I touched on Kevin Stitt's promise to run Oklahoma government as an "outsider businessman," bless us with "new perspectives," and save us from the partisan, ideologically driven politicians, consultants and other political hacks who have turned Oklahoma into the last-in-everything-but-four-day-school-weeks laughing-stock it is today.

Specifically, I questioned whether Stitt's "outsider businessman" schtick was sincere, or if it was just a hollow political talking point designed to make Oklahoma voters feel more comfortable voting for another Republican who will likely adhere to the same policies and playbook as his GOP predecessors.

Based on who Stitt's appointed to his transition team, I think we know the answer to that question.

Via The AP:

Oklahoma’s newly elected governor is naming several prominent GOP-connected business people and other professionals to lead his transition team as he prepares to take office in January.

Republican mortgage company owner Kevin Stitt announced on Tuesday the names of nine members of his transition team that he’s dubbed “Oklahoma’s Turnaround Team.” The group will be led by Norman attorney Marc Nuttle, a longtime Republican Party insider.

Holy shit. We all knew Stitt would bring along a conservative with experience to help run things, but Marc Nuttle??? He's one of the largest, nastiest and most connected alligators in the Oklahoma political swamp. The only thing outside about him is his political views. In fact, he served as the campaign director for evangelical nutjob Pat Robertson:

Geeze, can you imagine that job interview:

"Hey Marc! I'm Kevin Stitt. I'm an outsider who wants to run our state like a business and bring in fresh, new ideas. What are your qualifications to lead my turnaround team and make Oklahoma a Top 10 State?"

"Well, I've been heavily involved in Oklahoma politics since the 1980s. I also managed the campaign of an evangelical lunatic who thinks God made hurricanes to punish gay people."

"You're hired!"

Here's more about Kevin's transition team:

Other members of the team include Oklahoma’s current Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston, a former chief of staff to ex-Attorney General Scott Pruitt, and former state Sen. Mike Mazzei, a top finance policy adviser for Senate Republicans during his 12 years in office.

Longtime Republican Party leader Matt Pinnell, the lieutenant governor-elect, and several members of Stitt’s campaign team also were named to the panel.

Yep, he also named a Scott Pruitt crony, a former State GOP chair, and the "top finance policy adviser for Senate Republicans" to be on his "Oklahoma Turnaround Team." That would be like Mike Gundy hiring Mike Stoops to turnaround Oklahoma State's defense. Can someone tell Stitt the turnaround team is supposed to make Oklahoma move forward and not backwards?

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