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Rit Mathis makes awkward cameo on Days Of Our Lives…

11:17 AM EST on November 14, 2018

Here's a weird one for you.

We received numerous dispatches from Ogle Moles who, for obvious reasons, would like to remain anonymous, that revealed Rit Mathis – the heir and friendly face of the Mathis Brothers furniture empire – made an awkward cameo on Days of Our Lives yesterday afternoon.

He plays the role of Rit – the owner of a family furniture business – who helps furnish the apartment of a gay wheelchair-bound ex-baseball player and his new partner. Here's the clip...

Yikes. I know soap operas are not known for quality acting, but that was uncomfortably funny to watch. Maybe next week the couple will have Bob Mills drop-in on a hot air balloon and deliver some sweaters, or have Jude and Jody and their sons swing over for a country music jam session.

Anyway, you can watch the full Days of Our Lives episode over at NBC. If Rit's evil twin shows up next week and repossess the couple's furniture, please let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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