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Markie Martin conducts awkwardly funny, heart-wrenching interview with State Senate Candidate…

In a few weeks, when Kevin Stitt goes to his polling place to vote for only like the third or fourth time in his life, he'll probably notice some relatively unknown candidates on the ballot with I's by their names.

These individuals are called "Independents," and since they're not a member of one of our country's two big money, big influence political parties, the kingmakers in the partisan, for-profit media rarely give them any merit or attention. Well, that is unless the candidate is wealthy or a celebrity. If that's the case, the media will come running with tails wagging.

That being said, sometimes the media will be nice and throw these fringe Independent candidates a bone, and give them some attention and publicity. That's what happened yesterday when KOCO's Markie Martin invited Christopher Hensley to the KOCO morning show to discuss his candidacy for State Senate District 40. From Hensley's nervous energy and awkward silences, to his dozen or so near emotional breakdowns while talking about the Oklahoma people and his own personal tragedies, it was the most entertaining six-minutes of local political theatre I've watched in at least a month.

Check it out:

Dammit. KOCO doesn't have an embed feature for their videos, so I just used a random photo from Markie's Instagram page.

Anyway, I guess that means you'll have to go to the KOCO website to watch it. When you do, make sure you have tissues. You'll either be crying due to laughter, sadness or both.

Also, if you live in State Senate District 40, please consider giving Christopher a vote. Although he's not a member of one of the two political parties that are doing their best to ruin our country and gain control, at least he really, really cares about the Oklahoma people, and just wants to give them a voice.

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