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Mary Fallin endorsed Kevin Stitt again…


It was a rough Tuesday morning for Kevin Stitt.

First, News 9 "Fact Checkers" turned an about-save-face and busted him for lying about his current role with Gateway Mortgage. The lie probably sounds worse than it actually is, and will likely not change any voter's mind, but at least News 9 ownership and management get to pretend they're not biased.

Then, to make matters worse, Governor Mary Fallin slipped out of the Capitol without triggering a silver alert and glowingly endorsed Kevin Stitt for Governor in an interview on the KOCO morning show.

Check it out:

That was awkward. You could tell Markie Martin was kind of nervous when she asked Mary the hard-hitting question about Stitt's business record. You could also tell Mary Fallin was confused by the whole situation. I bet she thought she was appearing on KFOR's Trash or Treasure. Either way, I think Mary and Markie should get their own podcast. I'd listen.

Anyway, this is at least the second time that Mary Fallin has publicly endorsed Kevin Stitt. It's also the second time Jani-King has been called out to the Stitt campaign headquarters to clean up multiple pools of vomit.

Seriously, I'm not a big Kevin Stitt fan, but you have to feel sorry for him on this one. Outside of Hillary Clinton, I can't think of a worse person to endorse his campaign... twice. I'd suggest Kevin buy Mary a new trailer for the Governor's Mansion and leave a Mama's Family DVD box set inside. That will keep her busy and quiet until the election.

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