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Get your Ogletoberfest before it’s gone forever!

11:14 AM EDT on October 19, 2018


On September 13th, 2014, me and some buddies were watching OU rout the Tennessee Volunteers from the cozy and comfy confines of my living room. In the 4th quarter, while under the influence of alcohol and some other soon to be medically available substances, I took a swig of a Left Hand Oktoberfest and stared at the label. A few seconds later, I blurted out loud:

"We should make a beer and call it Ogletoberfest!"

My old college roommate Dustin, who's heard plenty of my inebriated, off-the-cuff ideas over the years, responded with something like...

"Uh huh. Yeah, sure. You should do that."

And then we went back to watching the game.

As opposed to most great ideas that I forget by the following day, I actually remembered this one. After meeting with some breweries over the next few months, we partnered with our friends at Anthem Brewing to produce Ogletoberfest – a seasonal Vienna-style Oktoberfest lager and Oklahoma's first ever obscure local social craft beer.

Fast forward to 2018, and we're wrapping up our fourth, and final, season of producing this snarky brew. Yep, this is the last year that Anthem's Oktoberfest will be called Ogletoberfest. But don't worry, we still plan on working with Anthem to push and promote their delicious beers and soon-to-be-expanded taproom, and may even collaborate on some new co-branded brews, but the Ogletoberfest brand will be retired, and become a part of Oklahoma history. (cc: Bob Blackburn)

On that note, if you want some Ogle on your lips and down your throat, you better act while it's still available. Supplies are going fast! You can still probably find Ogletoberfest at your favorite liquor store, and now maybe even a gas station or grocery store. You can also ask your local watering hole to carry it, too. When you do drink it, let us know on Untappd.

In addition to that, on Tuesday, October 30th, we'll be having a farewell Ogletoberfest Pint Night at Fassler Hall in Midtown before and our TLO Trivia Night. It works like other pint nights – order a pint and keep the first glass (while supplies last), and stick around to play some trivia. Seems easy, huh?

Anyway, we'd like to thank Alan Musser and everyone we've worked with at Anthem Brewing over the years for making our Ogletoberfest beer dreams come true. I'm not good at the new math, but my basic calculations tell me over 160,000 servings of Ogletoberfest have been enjoyed by people all across the state since 2015. I guess that goes to show the best ideas usually occur while drinking Oktoberfest-style beer (and with the help of certain medically available substances).

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