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Judge who moonlights as pro wrestler allegedly likes massage parlors…

Back in 2017, we told you about Tulsa-county judge James Caputo. He's the law and order beefcake magistrate who occasionally dabbles as a pro wrestler under the moniker Mr. Justice.

According to a Nolan Clay article in The Oklahoma, the wrestling ring isn't the only place Mr. Caputo likes to enter. He's apparently under investigation for visiting those massage parlors that we all know aren't really massage parlors.


An unconventional judge has come under investigation because of accusations he was a customer of a massage business that was a front for prostitution.

District Judge James Caputo on Wednesday called the accusations totally false and political...

Caputo, 59, was first elected as a district judge for Tulsa and Pawnee counties in 2010 and is up for re-election this year. The judge refused Tuesday to step down after being notified of the investigation.

If I was a judge who was being accused of visiting massage parlors, I'd also say the accusations were false and political. I'd also start looking for a new massage parlor!

A witness in an ongoing racketeering case identified the judge as a customer of the massage business, law enforcement sources told The Oklahoman. The witness claimed to have had sex with the judge.

Prosecutors filed the racketeering case against three defendants in February after state narcotics agents and Tulsa police officers investigated reports of human trafficking at the Phase 2 Spa and Phase 3 Spa in Tulsa.

If Judge Caputo ever finds himself in the metro, I'd suggest he hit up PNS Massage in Edmond. If they're not open, he can possibly find a high-end brothel. I heard they offer massage, too.

Narcotics agents searched the massage business last year. Multiple employees reported the business was run "solely for the purpose of prostitution," according to an affidavit filed with the charge. One employee was identified as a 17-year-old girl.

Give me break. Who hasn't texted a prostitute to see if they want to have a golf threesome?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this affects Judge Caputo's re-election chances. Now that we live in Trump's America, he'll probably be retained by a record-margin. If so, he should change his pro wrestling name to MeJudge A Trois or Honorable John.

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