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Mike Stoops is out as defensive coordinator!

In my pre-season OU football preview, I predicted Mike Stoops would be out as Defensive Coordinator following the Baylor game. Well, it looks like I was only off by one week. According to numerous OU homer media reports, Stoops is out as defensive coordinator.

Yes, please be as respectful to Mike Stoops as OU defenders were to Texas quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. Also, don't let the door hit you on the way out... respectfully.

James Hale, for those who don't know, is the ultimate OU media homer. He is to the Stoops brothers a Biff is to the McFlys after Marty and Doc go back in time to save everything. If he's reporting the story, it basically has to be true.

The report was confirmed by Hale's rival OU beat homer reporter, Carey Murdock:

According to the rumor mill, Mike Stoops will likely be replaced by current Defensive Special Assistant Bob Diaco. He's a young guy and was the defensive coordinator for Notre Dame the year they played in the National Championship. During that season, his stalwart defense dominated Heupel and Landry Jones in Norman. Diaco then left to be the head coach at Connecticut and had mixed results. Now he's next in line to be blamed for most Sooner defeats. What an honor.

Update: Actually, the honor went to Ruffin McNeill. He hired Riley as offensive coordinator at Eastern Carolina. Good for him. Hopefully he can find players who know how to tackle.

Anyway, this is a breaking news story and we're basically throwing this together for the page views. We should have more coverage of this AMAZING NEWS later this week.



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