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Louie’s has some new commercials…

2:00 PM EDT on September 24, 2018

Now that we're in the heart of football season, local restaurant chains are trying their best to get you to come out to watch a game. This, of course, includes Louie's. It's the preferred dining destination for Oklahomans of all ages who like to avoid adventure or are too good (or young) for Henry Hudson's.

Over the past couple of weeks, they've been running a series of 15-second commercial spots shot from low camera angles to get a viewer's attention. I've noticed them while watching my Cubs games on MLB.TV:

That's pretty cool. I think I speak for everyone who isn't a fun-hating authoritarian snowflake when I say that we need more attractive, bosomy girls in local TV commercials. There just aren't enough of them. Maybe this will be the big break these women need, and they can move on to replace the Battison Honda girl or Gentry with Hahn's.

Plus, these new ads are a major upgrade over Louie's other commercial spots. For example:

Yikes. Talk about some hypocrisy. How can Louie's choose Jack and Not Ron for this ad, as opposed to a pair of hunky men wearing skin-tight form-fitting shirts that showcase their muscular physique? Talk about a drastic extreme! One ad makes me want to call the guys and meet for beers at Twin Peaks, while the other one makes me want to call my dad to see if he's drunk a Louie's. They need to pick a direction and stick with it.


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