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PETA visited an Oklahoma Chicken Egg Farm

11:49 AM EDT on September 12, 2018

Now that Joe Exotic's in federal prison on murder-for-hire charges, I guess I can write about PETA without worrying about ending up inside a tiger cage.

Last month, PETA released a report about the cruel, sickening conditions that hens must endure at the Mahard Egg Farm in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Unless I missed it, the report has been totally ignored by the Oklahoma media.


A PETA eyewitness investigation into a filthy egg factory farm near Sulphur, Oklahoma, that supplies eggs to, among others, The Kroger Co.—which sells them as Kroger-brand eggs—reveals that nearly 8,000 hens suffered and died in a matter of weeks in July and August 2018, when temperatures in the farm’s sheds reached 106 degrees.

Over several days in early August, workers yanked more than 49,000 unwanted hens out of their cages, beat their heads against metal boxes, stuffed them inside the boxes, and then crudely gassed them with carbon dioxide, which can cause extreme pain. Countless hens survived the abuse and were then dumped into trucks, so they were beaten again with a piece of wood or slammed against the trucks. Those who still remained alive were left to die slowly and in agony.

PETA has notified the farm’s customers and law-enforcement officials of the systemic suffering of hundreds of thousands of chickens still alive on this farm. But these hens need all the help they can get right now—and they desperately need your voice.

That's disturbing and everything, but on a positive note, at least Mahard Egg Farm doesn't use slave labor from the Oklahoma drug court system.

Like most PETA investigations, the report was accompanied by disturbing undercover video that make you question general humanity. If you're in the mood to be sad, or your name is Jim Inhofe and you want to get a boner, you can view them here.

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