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Emily Sutton calls out David Payne for blocking her on Twitter…

11:56 AM EDT on September 7, 2018


Who's ready for another edition of "As The Doppler Turns?"

Earlier this year, while I complained about Mike Morgan blocking TLO on Twitter, Emily Sutton jumped in with a strange revelation – David Payne had blocked her on Twitter:

If you were to come up with a list of "Least Likely Local Media Personality To Be Blocked On Twitter," Emily Sutton wouldn't even make it. That's how unblockable she is. It makes you wonder what she did to deserve this level of brutal, yet casual social media disrespect. Was it user error by Payne? Is he worried that Emily was ripping off his weather forecasts? Was Lacey Swope was pointing a crossbow at this throat? We may never know the truth.

Thanks to Ms. Marla Morgan, we were able to resolve our aforementioned situation with Mike. Emily, on the other hand, hasn't had as much luck. Based on this tweet from yesterday, it looks like David Payne still has her blocked:

He's the only person in TV news to block her? Emily needs to step up her troll game immediately! She should probably begin by cyberbullying Lucas Ross.

Emily has no explanation for the blockage.

Naturally, gracious and thoughtful Twitter users decided to chime in with their 2-cents rants:

Here at The Lost Ogle, we only like to see weather folks bicker and fight whenever we're the ones who instigate it. Since we had nothing to do with this social media blockgate, we're going to offer a solution...

Hey Marla, how's it going? Still enjoying your Ogle Madness XI victory? When you get a chance, can you send a text over to your old storm chasing pal David Payne to see if he can unblock Emily Sutton on Twitter. We know you go way back:

Even if your attempt fails, I think everyone in the metro, especially our adorable severe weather princess, would appreciate it. Plus, if David follows through, it will give us a chance to write about you again. Everyone likes that!

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