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Oklahoma Utility Worker Caught Having Sex With Pony

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Earlier today, word trickled out of Green Country that a utility worker was caught having sex with a pony in a stable. I guess the man was in the neighborhood, had a pocketful of sugar cubes and just couldn't control himself.

The incident took place in Rogers County, which is home of Sheriff Scott Walton. He's the authoritarian asshat who forcefully removed Chip Paul from that SQ 788 forum, and has probably ridden a good horse or two at some point in his life.

Here are the details via The Tulsa World:

A utility worker was arrested after reportedly being spotted having sex with a pony in Rogers County on Wednesday morning.

Authorities received multiple calls from an area west of Inola where a naked man was found to be having sex with a miniature horse in a pen, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

I pray pray pray that either Sheriff Walton – or his trigger happy deputy Betty Shelby – was the first person on the scene. I'm sure they can handle blood, guts and innocent people being shot down by cops in the middle of the street, but good luck getting the image of a man violating a pony out of your head.

Deputies and police officers from the Inola Police Department responded to the scene and arrested the man, whose name has not been released. The suspect likely will be booked into the Rogers County jail on complaints of bestiality and indecent exposure.

Walton said it appeared the man was a utility worker and allegedly blamed his actions on medication.

That's interesting. I'm surprised Sheriff Scott Walton didn't just go ahead and blame the incident on medical marijuana. Isn't it supposed to lead to bestiality? Or is that gay marriage? Sorry, I get my conservative Oklahoman untrue talking points confused sometimes.

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