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Metro woman finds plastic bag in Arby’s drink. Calls Channel 4.

12:37 PM EDT on July 30, 2018


Although there's currently a global war against straws, it's hard to avoid plastics in our 21st-century world. Over the last ten years, Earth's citizens have produced more plastic than they did the entire 20th century. It's common in the food we eat, the bottled water we drink and large oceans that sustain most of this world's life.

Despite all that, some metro woman got mad and called Channel 4 when she discovered a plastic bag in a plastic cup that was filled with soda that was shot out of a plastic spout that was connected to a plastic bag with a small plastic line from a Yukon Arby's:

A Yukon woman is warning others to check their drinks after she said she found a large plastic bag in her’s from Arby’s.

Amy White went through the drive-thru at the Arby’s in Yukon off Main Street, got a Diet Coke and drank half of it before she said she found the plastic bag.

White still has the drink she said she got Friday night at Arby’s.

“I about died,” she said. “I was sick to my stomach. I was grossed out. I thought how could someone allow this to happen. I mean, how could you not see a huge plastic sack in a drink before you give it to someone.”

Would I get mad if there was a plastic bag in my drink? Of course! I'm not that weirdo from American Beauty who thinks bag are beautiful. Just like the food from Arby's, you don't know where that bag has been or where it came from and you're better off not ingesting it.

White called Arby’s and said they didn’t even seem concerned or apologize.

“They said you can bring the drink back up here, and we can give you another drink and we can give you your money back,” she said. “That’s all we can do at this point. The manager even contacted her district manager, and they said the same thing… that’s all they could do.”

White said she’s thankful she and her baby didn’t swallow any of it.

“If a particle came off of that, he could have drank it and it could have choked him,” she said. “Either one of us could’ve choked on it.”

Question – Shouldn't Amy be complaining on social media instead of calling the local tabloid news TV station? I know Channel 4 will cover just about any story on the weekend, but it's a plastic bag. It's not a fried mouse or human finger lost in an order of curly fries. It's almost like she's making a really big deal out of the situation in hopes that Arby's will give her something for free like – sing it with me – "FIVE ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES."

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