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Kevin the Goat Arrested Again in Cherokee!

Being that farmers don't have much to do when living in the outskirts of places like Cherokee, it’s not uncommon to go to a bar in small town Oklahoma to find it's filled with nothing but old goats. However, it isn’t as common as you’d think to walk into a bar to find a real goat. Let alone one with a criminal history.


CHEROKEE, Okla-  A mischievous goat in northwestern Oklahoma is keeping local law enforcement officers busy and entertaining local residents.

“He’s just a normal goat. Eats a lot, does what goats do “ said Doug Murrow, the goat's owner.

However, normal goats usually don’t hang out at bars and get in standoffs with police.

Whitey, the goat, apparently does but, Cherokee, Oklahoma residents know him by his street name, Kevin.

What does your rap sheet have to look like to secure the street name of “Kevin”? That’s the kind of name you earn if you are convicted of refusing to pay library book fees or hitting the crosswalk button more than once. Even the goat’s real name, Whitey, is more menacing than Kevin. And believe me, this goat’s definitely earned his cred.

“Kevin and the police officer had a stand off on Grand and the highway. Kevin refused to surrender. Kevin was finally apprehended and gave himself up. I thought someone was yankin' my chain. I thought someone at the paper was just making things up,” said Robinson.

The night Kevin went to the bar, his owner got a call from Chief McNeil.

“He has been down to the bar. I loaded him up and took him back home. He is on house arrest now," he said.

The article goes on to note that Kevin is on house arrest, meaning he’s fenced up more securely nowadays. His owner’s statement to KFOR says he hopes a new female goat on the property will keep Kevin from running off into town. Hell, I don’t blame the goat for spending so much time away from home. If you were still single, you’d probably spend as much time as he does down at the local bar. Plus, Kevin probably doesn’t smell as bad as the other old goats patronizing the place.

Hayley probably smells as bad as the other old goats. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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