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TLO Endorsement: Todd Lamb for Governor


About 77 days or so ago, Todd Lamb's campaign launched a social media series where they shared an endorsement a day for 77 days – a number that obviously pays homage to the average age of a typical Todd Lamb voter.

Just look at this collage of various faces who have endorsed the former close advisor to Mary Fallin. It's a who's-who of Wonder Bread:


Since I'm a nice guy, I've used the TLO Twitter account to amplify Lamb's endorsements, and help reach more voters. Here are some examples:

Based on those tweets, you may think it's kind of odd that I'm endorsing a man like Todd Lamb for Governor. He's from the conservative, self-righteous, holy roller establishment that dug our state into the hole it's in. Just like us, he's bad for Oklahoma. Wouldn't endorsing him go against my principles and self interests?

Principles? Yes. Self Interests? No way.

Dysfunction sells in media, and you can't get more dysfunctional than Oklahoma government and its elected leadership. From budget holes to man-made earthquakes to botched executions to four-day school weeks to general homophobia and bigotry to record incarceration rates, they've provided a pure, clean and abundant supply of insane bullshit to write about and drive traffic for the last 8 years.

The biggest supplier of that bullshit has been Mary Fallin. Since 2010, approximately 5% of this site's traffic has been generated by articles specifically about her policies, her gaffes or her family's gaffes (#mansiongate, #marriagegate, #headressgate, #trailergate).

Although nobody can replace Fallin as an Oklahoma Internet traffic generator, Todd Lamb is our best hope to keep the spirit alive. He was built in the same puppet workshop as Mary Fallin, and is controlled by the same Oil Overlord puppet masters. In fact, Todd Lamb's 2018 campaign shares 358 of the same donors as Mary Fallin's 2014 campaign, the most of any candidate. As a result, he gets our endorsement for Governor.

Now is endorsing Todd Lamb just because he'd be good for this fledgling web business a selfish thing to do? Yes, but why should we care? Hasn't that flippant, selfish philosophy worked out well for oil companies and other business interests over the years? They routinely back candidates that are good for business, but bad for the state. If they can do that, why can't we?

So anyway, when you go to the polls today, vote for Todd Lamb for Governor. He may be the worst choice for Oklahoma, but he's the best choice for The Lost Ogle.

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