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Congressional candidate Tom Guild caught removing opponent’s campaign signs…


One of the perennial Democratic candidates for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District, a seat that covers most of the OKC metro, is attorney and former OCU law professor Tom Guild.

Guild has unsuccessfully ran for the seat in every election since 2012. He was destroyed by James Lankford in 2012, and narrowly lost runoffs to funeral home director Al McAffrey in 2014 and 2016.

The person who will likely eliminate Guild this time around is local politico Kendra Horn. She's a lawyer, whiskey aficionado and the former campaign manager for Joe Dorman. She also has broad Democratic party support and is the prohibitive favorite in this year's primary.

Knowing that he's going to probably lose to a relatively new candidate must have Tom Guild feeling a bit down. He was caught on camera earlier today removing Kendra's signs from an intersection:

That's not cool. The only political signs it's okay to remove are the Vote No on SQ 788.

Here's a statement Guild gave to The Oklahoman:

“Sometimes, in the heat and rush of a campaign, mistakes are made," Guild said in a statement Monday afternoon. "On reflection, removing some of my opponent's signs — for any reason — was a mistake on my part for which I sincerely apologize."

Guild shouldn't beat himself up too much over the ordeal. I'm sure this news will make it easier for some people to decide who they're going to vote for in tomorrow's election.

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