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Patricia’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

With Mother's Day around corner, you're probably frantically searching for the right gift for Mom.

Instead of the standard gift of flowers, chocolates or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman DVD box set, show Mom you really care with a nice gift from Patricia's Adult Boutique. With seven Oklahoma locations dotted across the state, Patricia's is where fun and fantasy meet and is TLO's preferred provider of dildos, condoms, lubes, magazines, lingerie and other toys found around the TLO Home Office.

Having recently visited Patricia’s on Saturday, here are five gifts in that I guarantee Mom will personally... love:

1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum Silicone Pegging Set ($189.99)

Have you ever noticed that when Dad buys Mom something to “spice up” the bedroom, it’s always something he wants, like crotchless lingerie, flavored oral-lube or an Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass? This Mother’s Day, see how much give dear old Father can truly take with the Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone Pegging Set; it’s the perfect strap-on experience, made all the more satisfying thanks to Doc’s patented Vac-U-Lock system that’s specially designed for her pleasure as well. And isn’t that what Mother’s Day should be about?


2. The Womanizer W100 Sensual Stimulator ($199.99)

Currently one of the bestselling sexual aides on the market, the Womanizer W100 (and its subsequent makes and models) has a futuristic look and feel that comes right out of the French edition of Heavy Metal, and while that reference might be lost on Mother, what will definitely be found on her is a waiting-to-be-engorged clitoris begging for a little (or a lot) of sweet sucking action.

Featureing a gentle silicon nozzle that creates both a unique suction and overwhelming vibration feeling at the same time, the Womanizer W100 Sensual Stimulator allows Mom to simply lie back and just ride out wave after wave of precious orgasmic euphoria within mere minutes.


3. Shibari Beso Sensual Suction with Pulsation Wireless 8X ($169.99)

With a majestically bulbous grip and a moderately ergonomic design, the Shibari Beso delivers a much-needed beso—a kiss—right where Mother is truly wanting and needing one from her new favorite little man: on the “c-spot,” an apparent erogenous zone that the Beso dutifully covers and hypersexually engulfs with its soft 1.25 inch wide cup, an all-encompassing design that pleasures the most necessary of pleasurable areas, providing hardcore sucking action with eight-speeds running from “mild” to “wild.”


4. HIKY Rabbit Vibrator ($189.99)

Among the limited pool of sexually liberated women I know personally in the seedy land of Internet chat rooms, the latest craze in women’s sexual health is the “rabbit vibrator”– a double-headed marvel of modern sexual science. With dual 6,000 RPM vibration motors, one in the tip of the shaft and the other in the rabbit, the HIKY Rabbit gives Mother not only ten intense vibration patterns but an additional four strengths of suction.


5. Patricia’s "For Her" Grab Bag ($30.00)

And finally, don’t forget to pick up a Patricia’s For Her Grab Bag (or two...) on the way out; filled with numerous items designed to help Mother finally give herself over to the sultry waters of absolute pleasure, fully engaging in the unholy sins of the newfound flesh that, let's be honest, she probably would’ve discovered years ago in college if she hadn’t dropped out to have you. Don’t you at least owe Mother that much in return for all she's done?


Patricia's Adult Boutique is a long time TLO advertiser. Don't forget, they have gifts for Father's Day, too.

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