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Another Oklahoma Sheriff is spreading lies about SQ 788…

The guy shaking hands with Betty Shelby – the former Tulsa cop who got away with murder – is Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton. He hired Shelby as a reserve deputy in August of 2017 after she was acquitted of ruthlessly killing Terence Crutcher. I guess he was impressed with Shelby's ability to lose cool under pressure, and her expertise in ruthlessly gunning down unarmed inebriated black men that may frighten her.

Knowing what we know about Sheriff Walton's questionable decision-making when it comes to hiring staff, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he recently followed the lead of Sheriff Steve Kelley and shared some authoritarian, misinformed, factless thoughts and views on State Question 788 on Facebook. He started things by posting this letter on Rogers County letterhead:

Yeah, that's it. "Despicable corporate business investors" are using "propaganda to influence the political system" and "misinform law abiding citizens" in an effort to "compromise Oklahoma's wholesome existence," says the sheriff who is using his department's official Facebook page to influence the political system and misinform law-abiding citizens so he can continue to lock-up Oklahomans and profit off of the draconian enforcement of marijuana prohibition. Thank God we have stand-up guys like Sheriff Walton keeping Oklahoma wholesome.

He followed that post with this outrageous, misinformed rant on medical marijuana edibles:

Question? Is there a good medical strain flower that works for low IQ simpletons who have to resort to lies, fear and basic misinformation to try to get their way? If so, can you send an 1/8th to Sheriff Walton? He needs it. Check out this lie:

The line between how much of the product could relieve chronic pain in an adult and how much can harm or kill a child can be fairly thin, and with edibles that look like candy, sugar-coated cereal and yummy baked treats, the chances of a child accidentally consuming edible marijuana are high.

In case you didn't know, that's just made up bullshit. The only thing that can harm or kill a child in that photo is the gun. Out of all the billions and billions and billions of hits, tokes and brownies consumed in the U.S. each year, there has never been one reported death from a marijuana overdose. And that's according to the DEA, another organization that profits from the prohibition of drugs.

Also, how old are those edibles? I get up to Colorado a few times each year, and every dispensary I've been to packages edibles in boring gray or black containers. Either someone is peddling old or counterfeit ditch edibles in Rogers County, or Walton is using an old photo to try and prove a point that doesn't exist. It could also be both.

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