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Oklahoma Teacher Finally Makes News For Wrong Reason

Before we get to this post, I want to be very clear that The Lost Ogle is 100% supportive of Oklahoma teachers. In November, I joked that Brenton Hager – the off-roading police chase guy – is the hero this state needs. That honor now falls on teachers. What they're doing at the capitol is great for our state. They're an inspiration for all of us. Keep fighting the good fight for Oklahoma kids!

That being said, I think we all had a feeling something like this would happen.

Yesterday afternoon, the OSBI announced that a teacher from Clinton was arrested after she admitted to having sex with a 15-year old student before and after a trip to the walkout at the Capitol. She has been charged with facilitating sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology, two counts of second degree rape, and pattern of criminal offenses.

Here are more details via

An Oklahoma middle school teacher has been arrested for raping one of her students, officials said.

Keri Hoffman, 35, an algebra teacher at Clinton Middle School, was arrested Sunday for multiple counts of rape involving a student, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reports.

State officials say Hoffman and her husband drove to the Clinton Police Department on Saturday, where she confessed to having a sexual relationship with one of her 15-year-old students...

She allegedly admitted to having sex with the boy numerous times since March 30, 2018, inside her car and inside her father’s detached garage.

Hoffman also told authorities that she had sex with the boy before taking him to the Capitol for the teacher walkout last week and before she dropped him off at home later that evening.

That sucks. I had a friendly bet with Clark Matthews that the first teacher walkout sex scandal would happen in the third week of the walkout. He, of course, picked March 30th on the dot. Give Clark Matthews credit. He's a soothsayer when it comes to sex scandals.

Anyway, I know there are bad apples in every tree – and thanks to years of malnourishment the Oklahoma teaching tree can fill a compost pile with them – but this sort of tomfoolery has to stop. It seems like some story about some teacher doing some inappropriate thing with a student happens on a weekly basis. If teachers are going to do this stuff, at least have the decency to wait until after the walkout. Or better yet, do what our lawmakers do and try to be a little discreet about it.

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