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Ogle Madness XI: Elite 8: (1) Panhandling Teacher vs (3) Olivia Munn

Welcome back to week two of Ogle Madness XI! Is your bracket totally busted?

This morning, we've got a match-up of two of the heavy hitters in the tournament. This is sure to be a close race, so make sure you cast your vote, and check back with us later this afternoon for the next battle.

(1) Panhandling Teacher vs (3) Olivia Munn


(1) Panhandling Teacher

Last Round: Defeated (5) Quail Creek F*ck and Float 286-210

Who: Someone whose classroom doesn’t have school supplies

Biggest Strength: The only panhandler most people will tolerate

Biggest Weakness: Can’t afford a box of Crayolas


(3) Olivia Munn

Last Round: Defeated (7) Windmills 285-280

Who: Hollywood actress from Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: Might actually have superpowers from being in more than one comic book action movies

Biggest Weaknesses: Is a cosplay nerd

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