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Ogle Madness XI: North Region, Sweet Sixteen

3:03 PM EDT on March 22, 2018

Today is the last leg of the Sweet Sixteen for this year's Ogle Madness XI. We've got a few upsets, including Marla Morgan overtaking Gary England in an incredible coup. This is perfect, because Marla emailed a new photo to Patrick that she wants included. Please vote for her for this reason alone, we need all the exclusive content we can get.

Anyways, here's who we're voting on this afternoon:

(1) Joleen Chaney vs (5) Medical Marijuana

(2) Baker Mayfield vs (6) Marla Morgan

(1) Joleen Chaney

Second Round: Defeated (9) Potholes 403-197

Who: KFOR news anchor

Biggest Strength: Anchors three whole newscasts throughout the day

Biggest Weakness: Watermelon seeds

(5) Medical Marijuana

Second Round: Defeated (4) Carrie Underwood 392-178

Who: Harmless drugs that may become legalized by our ballot this June

Biggest Strength: Eases many diseases, also gets you high

Biggest Weakness: Munchies

(6) Marla Morgan

Second Round: Defeated (3) Gary England 365-210

Who: Mike Morgan’s hot wife

Biggest Strength: Voluntarily sending Patrick bikini pics

Biggest Weakness: Her husband wears flashier clothes

(2) Baker Mayfield

Second Round: Defeated (7) Classen Circle Protesters 364-229

Who: OU quarterback

Biggest Strength: Elite production, efficiency, and disrespect

Biggest Weakness: Can’t hold his liquor

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