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Ogle Madness XI: South Region, Second Round

We're trucking on through the second round of Ogle Madness XI today. This morning, we vote on the South region, and we'll be back this afternoon to decide the fate the North region. Here are the contestants:

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (9) Plaza District
(4) Abigail Ogle vs (5) STD Mobile
(3) Joe Exotic vs (6) Commando Cartwheel Sub
(2) Brenton Hager vs (7) Colonel Reba Sanders

Vote down below!


(1) Russell Westbrook

Round One: Defeated (16) Nazi Police Chief 437-43

Who: Reigning NBA MVP point guard for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Triple doubles

Biggest Weakness: All of his clothes seem to have holes in them


(9) Plaza District

Round One: Defeated (8) Paseo 273-197

Who: Hipster neighborhood

Biggest Strength: Best concentration of places to eat and drink in the area

Biggest Weakness: Rent is getting very not-cheap


(4) Abigail Ogle

Round One: Defeated (13) Ole Red 284-192

Who: KOCO evening news anchor

Biggest Strength: Member of the Ogle Dynasty

Biggest Weakness: Too many fake Twitter followers

(5) STD Mobile

Round One: Defeated (15) Jim Bridenstine 406-67

Who: Chevy Captiva with an unfortunate license plate

Biggest Strength: Knows how to party

Biggest Weakness: Will eventually go blind from the syphilis


(3) Joe Exotic

Round One: Defeated (11) Oklahoma Department of Health 345-149

Who: Gubernatorial candidate

Biggest Strength: Commands an army of tigers

Biggest Weakness: Needs to cut the mullet

(6) Commando Cartwheel Sub

Round One: Defeated (11) Scott Pruitt 391-102

Who: Substitute teacher/sex offender

Biggest Strength: Still limber in her 30’s

Biggest Weakness: Too old for cheer try-outs


(2) Brenton Hager

Round One: Defeated (15) Rob Stanley 426-64

Who: Real-life GTA superstar

Biggest Strength: Exploiting the handling skills of a Ford F-250

Biggest Weakness: Klepto for cars


(7) Colonel Reba Sanders

Round One: Defeated (10) Hipster Boo Boo 316-176

Who: Beloved Oklahoman country singer dressed as Colonel Sanders

Biggest Strength: Strangely sexy for a southern gentleman

Biggest Weakness: Still hasn’t been told what the 11 secret herbs & spices are

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