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City of Norman to pay $60,000 for protecting OU football team

It looks like the Joe Mixon video saga has thrown its final sucker punch.

Last week, the city of Norman agreed to pay $60,000 to the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters to cover legal fees resulting from the city's noble, failed and power-abusing efforts to block the release of the infamous Joe Mixon video to the public.

Here are the details via The OU Daily:

The city of Norman has reached a $60,000 settlement agreement over the release of surveillance footage of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon striking an OU student at Pickleman's restaurant.

The settlement is with the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, who brought legal action against the city in order to gain access to the video, according to city documents.

The Norman City Council voted to approve the settlement, totaling $60,000, in its March 13 meeting following a recommendation from the city attorney. The settlement also stipulates future publication of the video shall not be abridged, according to the text of the settlement.

So, I wonder how this is going to work? Obviously, the only reason the video wasn't released was to protect the OU football team and make sure Joe Mixon would get the chance to play, help OU make a better bowl game, and as a result, earn more revenue for the university. Does that mean the city of Norman should now sue the university to recoup the $60,000?

It seems like a nice idea, but considering the University of Oklahoma also operates the city of Norman, I doubt it would go anywhere. To make things right, I bet OU will just agree to schedule an additional night home game for the 2019 season. Not only will the tax revenue from the game easily cover the $60,000 settlement bill, but it will also bring in favor to all the judges, cops, city attorneys and other OU fans who happily do the school's dirty work.

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