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Ogle Madness XI: North Region, Lower Bracket

Now we're on the last section of this first round – the Lower Bracket of the North Region. We've got some classic (and former Ogle Madness Winners) here, plus a few newcomers and play-in entrants. Check out the players:

(6) Marla Morgan vs (11) Hot Wife Chloe
(3) Gary England vs (14) Ackerman McQueen
(7) Classen Circle Protesters vs (10) Braum's New Hamburgers
(2) Baker Mayfield vs (15) Preston Doerflinger


(6) Marla Morgan

Who: Mike Morgan's hot wife

Biggest Strength: Voluntarily sending Patrick bikini pics

Biggest Weakness: Her husband wears flashier clothes


(11) Hot Wife Chloe

Who She Is: Porn character who starred on Jason Reese's campaign finance report

Biggest Strength: Submission

Biggest Weakness: Needs to be punished




(3) Gary England

Who: Oklahoma's weather Yoda

Biggest Strength: He used to keep us advised

Biggest Weakness: Now he just goes on extremely Conservative tangents on Twitter


(14) Ackerman McQueen

Who: Elite Oklahoman ad agency

Biggest Strength: Makes money from just about everyone with money in Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Also makes money from helping the NRA



(7) Classen Circle Protesters

Who: Old drunks who didn't want the Hi-Lo torn down

Biggest Strength: Can harness power in numbers and strong well drinks

Biggest Weakness: Delirium tremens


(10) Braum's New Hamburgers

Who: 8% smaller burger

Biggest Strength: Leaves more room for that high-protein milkshake

Biggest Weakness: Throws off the whole meat to bun ratio




(2) Baker Mayfield

Who: OU quarterback

Biggest Strength: Elite production, efficiency, and disrespect

Biggest Weakness: Can't hold his liquor


(15) Preston Doerflinger

Who: Former Oklahoma Finance Director

Biggest Strength: Doing Mary Fallin's dirty work

Biggest Weakness: Domestic abuser


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