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It sure is easy to get away with murder in Oklahoma…

Last week, Chasity Dawn Carey, a Stillwater bail bondsman, was found not guilty of murdering one of her clients – Brandon Williams – following an "incident" in her office.

The tl;dr is Chastity agreed to meet with Brandon under false pretenses, locked him in her office, attempted to handcuff him, and then as he tried to get away, shot him in the back and killed him. I'm pretty sure Brandon's last words were a very well deserved "Holy Shit!"

Here's a snippet about Chasity's reaction to the verdict via

Jurors Friday acquitted a Stillwater bail agent of first-degree murder in the August shooting death of one of her clients.

Chasity Dawn Carey let out a loud gasp as the “not guilty” verdict was announced. She then cried and hugged her attorneys.

Carey, 42, of Drumright, testified she shot the client, Brandon James Williams, 38, of Stillwater, at her office Aug. 9 in self-defense. She and her 19-year-old son were attempting to take Williams, who was free on bail, back into custody at the time.

“I was afraid he was going to shoot my son,” Carey told the Payne County jury. “I felt like we were going to be killed. … I've never been that scared before.”

You can't really blame Chasity for the "loud gasp" and outpouring of emotion. Based on a video released yesterday by the Stillwater police, the self-defense argument looks weak, and it appears that Chasity got away with murder. Betty Shelby would be very proud.

Check out this sad, disgusting craziness:

Are you currently stuck in a state that sends murderers to jail? Do you want to create a confrontation with an individual and then legally kill them because you felt threatened? If so, and you can't afford to live in Florida or don't want to work in law enforcement, I'd encourage you to move to Oklahoma! We'll take care of you!

Seriously, what cheap Payne County crack was this jury smoking?!? The guy goes from comfortably picking his feet to getting shot in the back and you let this lady off the hook? Was the jury composed of NRA members, George Zimmerman, and the DA who let off the blind rapist? How can you watch that full video and not convict this lady of murder?!

"But Patrick! Self defense!"

I have no doubt that Chasity was scared and fearful when Brandon refused to go gently into those handcuffs. He looks like a big, strong guy, but how was it self-defense? At last check, she's the one who:

A) Tricked a big, strong, unarmed man into meeting at her business under false pretenses

B) Locked a big, strong, unarmed man in her office

C) Attempted to handcuff a big, strong, unarmed man while locked in her office, and

D) Shot and killed the big, strong, unarmed man as he tried to get away.

Although she got off on murder, I hope the family of Brandon Williams files a wrongful death suit. Yes, he seemed like a troubled guy and robbed several area businesses, but he didn't deserve to die like that. "Holy shit" indeed.

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