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Ogle Madness

Ogle Madness XI: Play-In Games

Last night, to much fan-fair and trumpeting, we unveiled the Ogle Madness XI Bracket. You can view it here. Remember to email your championship pick to and you can possibly win a $250 feast to Fassler Hall.

Before the madness kicks into gear tomorrow morning, we have some play-in games for the last four remaining spots into the field. They are being played at the Super 8 Motel off I-35 in Moore:

Play-In Game 1: (11) Hillbilly Rednecks vs. (11) OSU Motorcycle Brahs

Play-In Game 2: (11) Jason Reese vs. (11) Hot Wife Chloe

Play-In Game 3: (16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude vs. (16) Vaseline Thong Man

Play-In Game 4: (16) Oklahoman Editorial Board vs. (16) Ralph Shortey

Those are some tough decisions. Can Jason Reese put Hot Wife Chloe behind him? Will Dirty Magazine Dude's armor hold up? What will Ralph Shortey do to the Oklahoman Editorial Board? Vote after the jump!

(11) Hillbilly Rednecks vs. (11) OSU Motorcycle Brahs

(11) Hillbilly Rednecks

Who They Are: Backwoods, gun-toting rednecks you don't want to mess with

Biggest Strength: Belly Tattoos

Biggest Weakness: Math and reading


(11) OSU Motorcycle Brahs

Who They Are: Guys who messed with backwoods gun-toting rednecks

Biggest Strength: Making you never want to ride a motorcycle

Biggest Weakness: Picking people to mess with



(11) Jason Reese vs. (11) Hot Wife Chloe

(11) Jason Reese

Who He Is: Aspiring lawmaker who needs to pay better attention to details

Biggest Strength: Going on television and denying he tries to write off porn as a legitimate campaign expense

Biggest Weakness: Lying about porn habits


(11) Hot Wife Chloe

Who She Is: Porn character who starred on Jason Reese's campaign finance report

Biggest Strength: Submission

Biggest Weakness: Needs to be punished



(16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude vs. (16) Vaseline Thong Man

(16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude 

Who He Is: Man who wore body armor made out of dirty magazines to confront trailer park neighbor

Biggest Strength: Choice in magazine subscriptions

Biggest Weakness: Sticky body armor


(16) Vaseline Thong Man

Who He Is: Man who was caught cruising the streets of Garfield County wearing a thong and covered in Vaseline

Biggest Strength: Moisture-rich skin

Biggest Weakness: Sticky car seats



(16) Oklahoman Editorial Board vs. (16) Ralph Shortey

(16) Oklahoman Editorial Board 

Who They Are: All-white group of men (and one rich lady) who share draconian, right-wing views in the state's largest newspaper.

Biggest Strength: Being on the wrong side of history

Biggest Weakness: Retaining influence


(16) Ralph Shortey

Who He Is: Disgraced former lawmaker

Biggest Strength: Hypocrisy

Biggest Weakness: 17-year-old male prostitutes


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