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Here’s your Ogle Madness XI Bracket!!!

7:03 PM EDT on March 11, 2018

Let the madness begin!

Back in 2008, I was sitting in my office at my old corporate job and emailed TLO co-founders Tony and Clark Matthews an idea I had for a March Madness style tournament featuring Oklahoma stuff. We then came up with a list of Oklahoma people, places and things, seeded them in a NCAA tourney style bracket, and Ogle Madness was born. In other news, we're all very old.

This year's Ogle Madness is a lot like all the others. We take 68 Oklahoma people, places and things and place them in a NCAA tournament style bracket. We then post the match-ups on the site and let you, our loyal Ogle reader, choose who you would like to advance. Whoever or whatever gets the most votes* advances to the next round. The loser goes home.

We're also bringing back our Ogle Madness Bracket Challenge! Simply email your championship pick to If your selection wins, then you'll be entered into a drawing to win a $250 feast at Fassler Hall in Midtown or Tulsa. The deadline to enter is Tuesday at noon.

Here are the top 4 seeds in each region:

East: (1) Panhandling Teacher, (2) Barbie Doll, (3) Olivia Munn, (4) Weather Dongs
West: (1) Emily Sutton, (2) Darci Lynne Farmer, (3) Trae Young, (4) Gwen Stefani
South: (1) Russell Westbrook, (2) Brenton Hager, (3) Joe Exotic, (4) Abigail Ogle
North: (1) Joleen Chaney, (2) Baker Mayfield, (3) Gary England, (4) Carrie Underwood

I'm not going to lie, this year's field is stacked. Check out the full bracket after the jump:

Here's a breakdown of each region. We'll start with the play-in games. You can vote on them tomorrow morning:

Those are some interesting match-ups. Will the OSU motorcycle brahs get their revenge on the hillbilly rednecks? It should be fun to watch.

Here's the East:

The 8-9 battle between Cornett and Lamb should be a good one. Can Mary Fallin upset the Quail Creek Fuck and Float? Never count her out.

Here's the West:

This may be the toughest region in this year's field. You have a severe weather princess, the most famous ventriloquist in Oklahoma history, and two great basketball players. My upset special is the new streetcar. Gwen Stefani better watch out.

Here's the South:

Although he's having a down year on the court (by his standards), I think this is a pretty easy region for the Brodie. That being said, a potential Sweet 16 matchup with the STD Mobile could spell trouble.

This region features some sizzling first round match-ups, including Braum's vs the Classen Circle protesters, and David Holt vs potholes.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the fun gets started tomorrow morning with the Play-In Games. The madness then goes into full swing on Tuesday with the East.

Once again, you can download the full bracket here. And don't forget to enter the bracket challenge by emailing your pick to win it all to


* blatant ballot stuffing is prohibited

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