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Somebody stole Calvin’s wagon!

If you've been drunk or sober around Campus Corner in Norman over the past 40 years or so, there's a good chance you've run into Calvin Steves. Falling somewhere between Barry Switzer and Suger's on the list of Norman legends, he's been passive-aggressively selling copies of the Norman Transcript from the back of his Radio Flyer Wagon for nearly 40 years. He's so identifiable that OU made a Calvn-inspired bike rack!

Last week, an idiot methhead or frat boy on a stupid drunken dare stole Calvin's wagon. Right now, the only lead authorities have is the thief is a low-budget scumbag:

Word to the wise. Never joke around with Calvin and ask him to sit on the wagon. Trust me, he doesn't like that.

While the Norman police are investigating this grand larceny, Norman residents with too much money to spend have rallied to Calvin's cause. They set up a Go Fund Me to help him buy a new wagon. It raised nearly $2,500, which means his next wagon will come complete with a thumping speaker system, 20-inch rims and hopefully a security system.

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