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New Massage Clinic Opens in Edmond!

There's finally a good reason to go to Edmond!

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole sent us a pic of a sign marquee at the corner of 15th and Boulevard. It's apparently for a new local massage clinic:

Yep, PNS Massage. I heard they charge extra for vowels.

I was going to make a joke that residents of the Edmond neighborhood addition Morning Woods get a discount, but then I learned they changed the name. Remember that?



For the sake of the neighborhood's residents, let's hope Deer Crossing never becomes slang for a complicated gay sex technique. Then they'll have to change the name again.

Anyway, I guess we'll send Louis or the Video Vigilante to PNS for a massage parlor review. That is if the place exists. This could the work of Internet pranksters, hysterical teenage vandals, or disgruntled Colbert's Electric, Plumbing and Heating & Air employees.


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