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OKC Public Schools need a new superintendent… again.

1:48 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Along with death and taxes, one of the few certainties in life is the Oklahoma City School District needing a new superintendent. It seems like something that happens every couple of years or so, like a group of planets aligning or Christina Fallin finding a new husband or boyfriend.

We were reminding about this yesterday when OKCPS Superintendent Aurora Lora – no, that's not her stage name – resigned yesterday following a series of late night Facebook posts where she complained about her job.

Here are the details via a local newspaper:

Shortly after submitting her resignation letter, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Aurora Lora told colleagues she probably should have done so sooner.

"She said she'd been unhappy for the last couple of months and that she made a mistake with that post and that just brought it to a head," one insider told The Oklahoman.

Lora made it official Tuesday, a week after taking aim at the school board in a late-night Facebook post the panel's leader called "regrettable."

Here are the "regrettable" comments:

Lora's questionable Facebook post appeared at 11:47 p.m. Jan. 23, a little over 24 hours after the board met behind closed doors to continue discussing the superintendent's performance.

In the post, Lora said, "I had a really hard day today. When you have 8 bosses, there is always at least one that wants to make you feel worthless and who wants to make sure that you bring no value to this world."

In a subsequent post, Lora said, "Sorry. I got very confused about how this would post. Although I'm living this reality, I'm also terrified of admitting anything related to this."

Lora returned to Facebook the next day to apologize, saying she made "a very bad choice" and was working to "rebuild" public trust.

Uhm, that's it? It's not like she said something crazy like if homosexuality is legal then so should pedophilia.

Seriously, even if you're in charge of a struggling school district, there should be nothing wrong with smoking a bowl of weed and / or drinking a bottle of wine and complaining about your job on Facebook. That's as American as apple pie! I guess the mistake Lora made was being too direct. She should have posted her dissatisfaction in the form of a "vaguebook" post or, better yet, a meme. For example:

That would have been the better approach. OKC School Board Chair Paula Lewis could have even responded with something like this:

See? That would have been a lot more fun.

According to the local newspaper, the OKC school board will begin an immediate search for a new superintendent to fill the job for another couple of years.

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