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Lawmaker files bill giving all Oklahoma wildlife to “Almighty God”

We have an early front-runner for dumbest bill of the 2018 legislative session.

Nathan Dahm, a Derplahoman State Senator who specializes in saying and doing dumb things, recently filed SB 1457. If passed into law, it will essentially transfer ownership of all wildlife in Oklahoma from the state to the Almighty God.

Via the OU Daily:

An Oklahoma state senator has introduced a bill that would make all wildlife in the state the property of "Almighty God."

Oklahoma Sen. Nathan Dahm wrote SB 1457 to amend a clause related to Oklahoma's wildlife. Instead of saying that "all wildlife found in this state is the property of the state," the wording would be changed to say that "all wildlife found in this state is the property of Almighty God."

Dahm's bill states that it would go into effect Nov. 1, 2018 if passed. According to the Oklahoma state legislature bill information site, the bill will see its first reading Feb. 2.

So, is this what lawmakers come up with when they go to those out-of-state retreats to dream up new legislation sponsored by ALEC? I bet Dahm developed this one in the "Pandering to Engage Evangelical Voters" workshop.

Seriously, there are lots of problems with this idea – the first being that it will likely be ruled unconstitutional, a time-honored tradition for all Oklahoma legislation.

In addition to that, I have some questions. If God takes ownership of all wildlife, does that mean churches will be able to issue hunting licenses? Will game wardens be replaced by youth ministers? And which God is the "almighty one." I assume it's the Christian one, but I think Native Americans would agree their gods owned all the wildlife first.

Also, shouldn't we check with God to see if He even wants this added responsibility? You should never give an animal as a gift to someone, much less all the wildlife in a state, without making sure the person is ready for the hassle. As if being an eternal omniscient deity who has to dictate lives, determine destinies and listen to prayers, all while making moral judgements, isn't stressful enough, now He has to worry about stocking deer feeders? Let's give the man a break!

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