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Mike Morgan has unblocked us on Twitter…

In yesterday's news recap, we noted that Mike Morgan got all salty and blocked us on Twitter because we made fun of his long term Christmas weather forecast.

We first called on Emily Sutton to use some trademarked charm and help get us unblocked, but she was dealing with her own Twitter issues with David Payne. We then turned to Mike's better-half for some help:

Our only other choice is Marla Morgan. Maybe she can send us some photographs to convince Mike to change his mind??? I need to know which potential Oklahoma weather systems are forming in Sea of Japan!

Well, I have some good news. Marla Morgan emailed us again! Check this out:

Happy New Year Patrick Dear!! I understand that my husband blocked you on Twitter? I have convinced him to unblock you being a New Year and all!! Everyone deserves a second or third......or fourth chance right?? Lol!!  Anyway, just to get you caught up on what you may have missed, here is NYE 2017. Just be careful as the contents may contain things you may have only day dreamed!

XOXO, Marla

She then included this photo:

That's nice. It's good to see everyone had a happy time on New Year's Eve. Since it's a new year and everything, maybe we can get Marla or JoJo or even Lady Ogle there to convince Kevin to unblock us, too:


In all honesty, I don't blame Kevin Ogle for blocking us. We did create the Frankenogle:

And called him out for sitting like a grouch at Thunder games:

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