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Brenton Hager is in jail… again

Last week, we received the following email in the TLO inbox ( It was allegedly from everyone's favorite off-roading criminal – Brenton Hager. If you remember correctly, we dubbed the whippersnapper as the hero Oklahoma needs...

Let's hope Brenton finds a prison with good internet access, because it looks like he's going to be there a while!

Less than two weeks after he bonded out of the Cleveland County Jail following his famed police chase, Brenton Hager is once again behind bars after he was quietly arrested at an Oklahoma City motel for stealing another four-wheel drive vehicle. Now he finds himself in the place he was desperately trying to avoid the first time – the Oklahoma County Jail.

Here are the details via

A man who led law officers on a recent pursuit in a stolen vehicle and broadcast himself live on Facebook during a November chase has been arrested again in Oklahoma City on a stolen car complaint.

Brenton Hager, 25, had been released from the Cleveland County jail on bail after being arrested in a November pursuit that started in southwest Oklahoma City and ended with him driving a stolen car into a pond in Cleveland County near SW 164 and S Pennsylvania Avenue...

A sport utility vehicle had been reported stolen from the 3100 block of NW 150 and an officer located it at the Executive Inn, 6410 Northwest Expressway, Knight said. Hager was found in a room and arrested. He was taken to the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of possession of a stolen vehicle and concealing stolen property, jail records show.

Geeze, that sucks. Couldn't the police have tossed everyone a bone and given Brenton a little bit of a head start? I think we all could use a police chase sequel through the winter wheat fields of Kingfisher County that ends with another plank taze. That would have been some quality a.m. television.

Anyway, I guess my question is what the hell was Brenton thinking? You've been out of jail for two weeks and you steal another car? Then to compound the problem, you stick around in the one county with the one jail you were desperately trying to avoid in the first place? That doesn't make any sense. At least get a hotel room in Pottawatamie County. At the very least, the meth is better there. I look forward to Brenton explaining his rationale and reasoning when he ends up in a prison where he's allowed to read our stuff.

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