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Jim Inhofe is still an idiot (Part 8,421)

Screw party over country. Now it's party over pedophiles!

A few weeks after he stated Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore should "step aside" if the allegations that he courted teenage girls were indeed true, prune faced US Senator Jim Inhofe – the senile old political troll who probably enjoys peeing on his own shoes at the urinal – is now coming to pedophile Moore's defense.

First, he told a Miami TV station that he'd support Moore because of a "numbers game." Via The Tulsa World:

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe says he will support Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore because it is a "numbers game."

"I would support him or will support him," Inhofe told CBS Miami. "It’s a numbers game. I want Republicans to maintain control."

I know Inhofe likes power and being in control, and it's been awhile since I read a book about game theory, but continuing to support and defend a pedophile like Moore will probably hurt your party more in the long game of the numbers game. Then again, never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter and the power of gerrymandering. Hell, we elect sinister movie villain politicians like Jim Inhofe into office. We really shouldn't be trusted.

Inhofe doubled-down in his defense of Moore again on Thursday. This time he went with the tried-and-true political trick of deflecting blame and spinning things to the other side:

The charges that caused Democratic U.S. Sen. Al Franken to announce his resignation on Thursday are more serious than those made against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Thursday.

"There is a big difference you guys are going to have to acknowledge," Inhofe told reporters in a hallway interview Thursday. "Roy Moore has denied these things and there is no evidence — in fact the people of Alabama, most of them, agree with him."

When told Franken has also denied the allegations against him, Inhofe replied, "No he didn't. There are pictures. Are you kidding?"

If you made it this far in the article, I probably don't need to explain why Jim Inhofe's attempt to justify Moore's actions by comparing them to Franken's bone-headed indiscretions is a major reach. You're probably smart enough to see the difference. Jim Inhofe probably is, too, but he's also a power-hungry, lying piece of shit and hypocritical political hack, so truth and decency doesn't matter that much to him.

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