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John “Crazy Eyes” Bennett thinks state agencies are terrorists…

Mover over evil gay people spreading the dangerous and deadly homosexual agenda! There's a new terrorist group in town – State Agencies.

At least they are according to John "Crazy Eyes" Bennett, the hate spewing, anti-everything-that-involves-tolerance-and-compassion state rep lunatic from Sallisaw.

He channeled his inner Sally Kern yesterday and claimed during a debate on the House floor that state agencies, which are employed by Oklahoma citizens, are terrorists.


"The agencies getting the money are telling our constituents, 'Hey, the sky's falling!' And the agencies telling our citizens, they're going we want to cut their services to the most vulnerable. That's terrorism. We should not be negotiating with terrorists, period," Bennett said. "These agencies are using our citizens as pawns. It's not right, and somebody needs to stop them, and that's where we come in."

If you write for Non Doc you may want to stop reading now, because John Bennett can go fuck himself.

Who are the ones using our most vulnerable citizens as pawns here? At last check, state agencies are cutting services because Oklahoma lawmakers and their oil industry buddies have cut funding and revenue. If that makes state agencies terrorists, then asshats like John Bennett and Oklahoma oil companies are the power brokers backing them.

Bennett's comments did have one positive outcome. It brought the OPEA and Mary Fallin closer together:

Anyway, the video is available here. Watch and listen to it before you go to Zillow to look for a new place to live.

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