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John Bennett is still an Islamophobic nut job screwhead

I ventured down to the DFW metroplex last weekend, so I didn't have time to write about the big Oklahoma political news story from Friday.

Apparently John Bennett – the American flag wearing nut job legislator from Sallisaw – is still an Islamophobic nut job legislator. We know this because like most Islamophobic nut jobs, he shared his insane thoughts and opinions on Facebook.

Here it is in case you missed it:

I think I speak for all decent Oklahomans when I offer John this unsolicited advice – maybe it's time for you to stop thinking? It's not your strong point. Leave that to the grown-ups who maybe weren't dropped repeatedly on their heads as small children.

Seriously, what a flawed, absurd analogy. First of all, Confederate monuments that were erected during the Jim Crow era to intimidate blacks have no direct or abstract correlation with centers of worship for the world's second largest religion. Also, I think even John Bennett and most of his loyal followers would agree that 9/11 was in inside job. Why tear down mosques over a vicious attack by the US government on its own citizens?

After his post went viral, Bennett doubled-down with this statement to Channel 5:

“Yes, I posted it, Yes I meant it. No I’m not taking it down. Everyone is so politically correct they focus on this instead of the real issues. These civil war monuments should stand and be a constant reminder to never go back to that. Those were dark days for America. The Civil War Monuments are something we should learn from. It’s absurd to try to take Civil War statues down. We need to toughen up as Americans and do what’s right for all Americans. People are causing a divide, and to take down historical monuments is way out of the ballpark ridiculousness.”

Give John Bennett credit. Political correctness be damned, he's standing his ground and won't remove the post!

Well, until he did:

Althought [sic] Bennett said he’s not taking down the post, it has since been removed.

That sucks. I had no clue John Bennett is a coward who caves to political correctness. I kind of wanted him to leave the post online. Even though Oklahoma is the land of opportunity for simpleton lunatics who have no business serving in public office, I'm sure some voters would have appreciated the reminder not to vote for him.

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