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This guy wanted to be the next Timothy McVeigh…

Jesus. . Christ.

That's the first thing that popped in my head when news broke this morning that the FBI foiled a 23-year-old lunatic's plot to bomb downtown Oklahoma City. has the details:

A Sayre man has been arrested in connection with what authorities says is a foiled plot to blow up a bank building in Downtown Oklahoma City with a truck filled with fake explosives.

Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, of Sayre, initially wanted to blow up the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C., but settled on attempting to detonate a bomb at the BancFirst building at 101 N Broadway in downtown Oklahoma City, according to court documents.

An undercover FBI agent posed as someone who could help Varnell to blow up the building, according to a complaint filed Sunday in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. Varnell allegedly told an FBI informant that he wanted to blow up the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C., with a device similar to the one used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing because he was upset with the government.

"I'm out for blood," Varnell allegedly told the FBI informant in a text message. "When militias start getting formed I'm going after government officials when I have a team."

Before we continue, I guess this would be a good time to remind ourselves that Jerry is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Based on the FBI evidence that seems likely. However, Jerry's brother claimed in a Facebook comment that the FBI essentially took advantage of a man with schizophrenia, so who knows what will happen:

I think we can all agree there is a mental health crisis in this county, but 1% of the US population has some form of schizophrenia. I have a family member who has it. There are treatments for it. It doesn't give you free rein to take part in plots to bomb cities.

I found Cade Varnell's comment on Jerry's Facebook page. I went there expecting to find a bunch of pics of American eagles, truck nuts, and racist memes shared by Carol Hefner. Instead, I found a series of selfies and memes that don't necessarily fit or support the common white nationalist building-blower-upper stereotype.

For example...

See what I mean? He's just your regular old Pink Floyd fan who uses Steve Harvey frames on Facebook photos. He's going to make a great captain of his Federal prison's Family Feud team someday!

Yep, even potential domestic terrorists now openly support gay rights. If that doesn't show you America's views have changed for the better on this issue, I'm not sure what does.

Actually, I guess that could be Jerry's version of silly right wing satirical humor. His Facebook comments would support this:

For what it's worth, the woman Jerry was "in a relationship" with has confirmed they are no longer together:

And you thought your ex was crazy when they made a scene at Edna's? Imagine finding out they were plotting to blow up a bank?!

Jerry was the member of several Facebook groups, including Rick and Morty Schwiftposting, Elk City Online Yard Sale, and the Oklahoma Defense Force, the latter of which is "a civilian volunteer organization dedicated to providing for the common welfare and defense of Oklahoma and its citizens."

Hmmn. I guess we know who's using that 46 star flag in Charlottesville!

Anyway, I guess we should wrap this voyeuristic trip into Jerry's Facebook account. It's weird to get a brief glimpse inside the mind of a guy who wanted to be a mass murderer. You can enter the wormhole here.

Also, I'd like to go ahead and thank the FBI and any other law enforcement agencies who identified this guy and helped thwart his sinister plans. Maybe if we can spend a little more time weeding out these deplorables, and a little less time going after people who use substances to feel better, we can make America great (and safe) again.

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