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Metro YMCA’s to get rid of all steam rooms and saunas…

We have some bad news for deviants who like to perform sex acts in steamy, public places.

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma City YMCA announced they will be closing steam rooms and saunas at all Metro locations. Meg Wingerter, The Oklahoman's new steam room correspondent, has all the details:

Oklahoma City — YMCA locations in the Oklahoma City area will close their saunas and steam rooms in a little over a week, after a committee decided they could pose a health risk.

Rachel Klein, vice president of communications for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, said the risk management and property committees determined the steam rooms and saunas had some health risks. There was no specific incident of someone being harmed while using them, she said.

One of the concerns was that users could spread skin infections, Klein said.

“It is very difficult to keep those rooms clean and sanitary,” she said.

Yeah, that's right. The steam rooms and saunas are being closed because they "could pose a health risk." Uh huh. Suuuuure. In other news, I have some prime real estate near 10th and Rockwell that I'd like to sell the YMCA for their next location.

Actually, there could be some truth to the YMCA's statement. Based on some classic OKC Craigslist missed connections we've published over the years, closing the saunas and steam rooms will probably help slow the spread of STDs throughout the state.

Check these out:

You kind of have to feel sorry for the guys who wrote these things. They probably have a bunch of great memories about those steam rooms. For their sake, let's hope the OKC Parks Department doesn't close public bathrooms anytime soon.

Anyway, the YMCA still doesn't know what to do with the empty saunas:

Each YMCA location with a sauna or steam room will decide what else should go in the space, Klein said. Members can offer suggestions for the locations they frequent, she said.

“They all have different needs,” she said.

As a former member of the Downtown YMCA, I have an idea. How about private changing rooms for all the people who prance around in the nude with their private body parts sagging to the floor? I think everyone would be for that.

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