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The Commando Cartwheel Substitute Teacher Has Been Sentenced…

11:58 AM EDT on July 27, 2017

Back in February, we told you the story of energetic Oklahoma substitute teacher Lacey Sponsler. She’s the lady from Pawhuska who got in trouble for exposing herself to students while performing a commando cartwheel.

Lacey recently had her day in court, and reached some sort of weird plea deal. Via

Lacey Sponsler, 34, of Tulsa, was banned from teaching months after flashing her students when she cartwheeled across a choir classroom Jan. 31 wearing a long skirt and, well, nothing underneath...

On Monday, Sponsler pleaded guilty in Osage County District Court to assault with intent to commit a felony after charges of indecent exposure were dismissed.

Sponsler received a two-year suspended sentence, nearly $1,000 in fines and an order to stay away from the teaching profession for two years.

Stay away from the teaching profession? That sounds extreme. I don't care if they wear undergarments or not, we need all the teachers we can get! The judge should have banned her from doing cartwheels and other basic gymnastics. That would have taught her a lesson.

When we covered this story back in February, I noted that we would closely monitor Dean Blevins's Twitter account for video of the incident. Well, it looks like good ole Deano let us down... again. I guess some person who knows how to blur out body parts uploaded the clip to YouTube a couple of days later.

Check it out:

Well, I think we found some entertainment for the big nudist convention next week! Seriously, how did we miss this? The Ogle Mole Network must have been sleeping on this one.

Anyway, I don't see what the big deal is. It's just the human body. If anything, I'm kind of envious. When I was in school, I always got stuck with the mean sub who actually took the job seriously and wouldn't even give you a hall pass so you could sneak off campus and go to 7-11 and play Street Fighter. What I wouldn't have given for a commando cartwheeler to liven things up. Today's kids get all the breaks.

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