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Oh no! The IRS is unfairly targeting Christian, Conservative Oklahoma Roofers!

1:34 PM EDT on July 26, 2017

If we were to launch an Oklahoma Television Commercial Hall of Fame, this 2010 spot by conservative, Christian, Oklahoma businessman David Terrell – they guy who once infamously trapped Amanda Taylor in his garage – that asks viewers to get new windows and end secular socialism in America would certainly make the cut. It's so great it went national and made the Rachel Maddow show:

You know what, I wish more businesses would go the way of David Stanley and Terrell's Siding and casually espouse their political beliefs and general worldviews in televisions ads. Good old-fashioned pandering is fun to watch, and would make local TV more enjoyable. I can see Rit Mathis now:

"And get this microfiber Henredon sectional, perfect for any Christian conservative family, for only $1,299 with no interest for 6 months. Also, let's end the federal reserve, and free America from the shackles of a banking cartel that has a government-granted monopoly on money, debt and credit. Stop by today! 3434 W. Reno!"

That being said, businesses should know there is a risk for this type of advertising. For example, we received a letter via the Ogle Mole Network that David Terrill apparently sent to Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. Terrell thanked the Senator for helping with a tax issue, and claimed the IRS is aggressively pursuing a long-standing $1.2-million tax bill due to a witch hunt that unfairly targets conservative, Christian-based businesses.

Here's the letter:

Yeah, who cares this investigation appears to have been going on since the early 2000s when W. was in charge of the federal government, the IRS and US Government is out to get the white, Christian business owners who have essentially controlled this country since the 1700s. That's some scary stuff! Thank sweet baby Jesus that we have honorable, noble, stand up guys like Senator Inhofe to fight for men like Randy David Terrell and do what's right. We sure are lucky. Now be safe, God bless, and end secular socialism in America.

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