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Moore rapper Barbie Doll has released some new music videos…

3:22 PM EDT on July 11, 2017

She's back!

Since releasing her debut track "Barbie World" in late May, Moore rapper Barbie Doll has dropped a couple of new cringe worthy music videos. Unfortunately, they didn't break on impact.

The first track is called "Pretty Girl Gang." It was released in mid-June and has already garnered over one-million views on Facebook. Instead of playing with her hair in front of Westmoore High School, Barbie's taken her (woot woot) new Audi on the road and is terrorizing the residents of Beverly Hills.

Check it out:

Before we continue, I have a quick too-tough trivia question for you. How many times did Barbie Doll touch her hair in the video above? Leave your answer in the comments. Whoever gets closest without going over wins a TLO ink pen and dinner for two to Barbie's favorite restaurant – Pickles.

Overall, that video wasn't as painful to watch as "Barbie World," especially if you closed your eyes. Lyrically, my favorite line is when Barbie brags "The first car that I ever bought that was a 2013. I went to the lot, I signed on the dot, pull it off on a 2013, hey." Yeah, that's pretty damn impressive. Nothing gives you more street cred than rolling off the lot in a 2013 certified pre-owned from David Stanley. I think they're the only dealership in town crazy enough to give a self-made millionaire rapper from Moore a car loan.

Barbie's other video is called "Bussin," which I assume is a homage to her future career as a public transportation driver:

Wow. I wish I could have been in the room for the first video production meeting:

"So, any ideas for the "Bussin" music video?"

"Yeah, I was thinking we start with a shot of a woman dancing the robot while lost a maze of Greek columns."

"That's sounds great. Self Made Millionaires!

Also, where does Barbie get the money for these music videos? At this point, I'm thinking her whole act is being financed by the Russian government as part of their quest to bring down America from within. We'll know the plan is working when we see Barbie Doll perform on the Tonight Show in a couple of months.

Anyway, you can follow Barbie Doll on Facebook here. We wish her the best of luck pursuing her dreams of becoming a self-made millionaire rapper. I can't wait to see her name on the Moore water tower some day.

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